Victoria Arduino MYONE Espresso Coffee Grinder

Dhs. 8,276.05

Product Id: AMYONE0ONDD750005

Burr Size: 75mm

Burr Type: Titanium burrs

Hopper size: 1.5kg

Adjustment: Micro-mental step-less adjustment

Programs: 3 programmable doses

Doser / On Demand: On-demand

Portafilter Holder: Yes (Universal)

Controls: Front-facing button display

Counters: Total & Partial

Construction: Hardened steel

Finish: White or Black

Voltage: 230(50Hz) / 115V (60Hz)

Power: 230/650Volts/Watts

Weight: 23.8-24kg

Dimensions WDH: 195x395x475mm

The latest in grinding technology from Victoria Arduino – The MYONE

This is Victoria Arduino’s latest release of the game changing and industry leading coffee grinder – The Mythos.

This is the entry level model called MYONE, which is the direct replacement for the current and most popular Mythos One. Think Mythos One with some crucial improvements across design, maintenance and controls.

What was already an amazing piece of technology, just got a massive upgrade and solidified VA’s position as the market leader.

  • 75mm Flat Steel Burrs
  • Easy to use access to 3 program buttons and a simple +/- for increasing / decreasing dose
  • Program, Barista or Continuous control settings
The latest in grinding technology from Victoria Arduino - The MYONE
  • Large double fans improve temperature control
  • Low waste, due to the accuracy of dosing, temperature, and cleaning.
  • You can now control the temperature from 30-50c countering environmental changes

Why buy a MYONE?

– It produces very high quality, precision espresso grind that is recognized on an International level within the coffee world.
– It can grind espresso at approx 2.5-3g per second, so a 17g shot takes around 4.5 seconds, so extremely fast.
– It offers an amazing level of temperature control via it’s Clima Pro chamber, countering shifts in environmental temperature that impact grind consistency.  (Have a cafe that gets either very hot or cold? This features helps you overcome this challenge.)
– It’s easy to use and maintain, in terms of cleaning and maintenance with improved access to the grind chamber and chute.
– It can be set up for both standard users and barista modes, so you can control the amount of access users have over the unit.
– It’s system results in very low waste, due to it’s on-demand dosing, temperature control and ease of use.