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    Marco 3 Button Mix Font Multi Temperature Water Dispenser Tap

    Dhs. 6,300.00
    Brand: Marco
    Product Id: 1000879
    The sleek, stylish 3-button MIX font dispenser water at three different volumes and three different temperatures on demand. It is ideal for saving space, streamlining workflow, and face-to-face customer interaction.

    Marco T20 Ecoboiler 20Ltr Automatic Hot Water Boiler

    Dhs. 5,505.62

    Product Specification

    Brand Marco
    Depth Metric 560 mm
    Have You Seen Energy Efficient
    Height Metric 690 mm
    Output Up To 28ltr Per Hour
    Plug In Yes
    Plumbing Required Yes
    Power 2.80 Kw
    Power Type Electric
    Product Type Initial Draw Off 20ltr
    Range Ecoboiler
    Style 1 Tap

    Marco MT8 Dual Tap Commercial Hot Water Boiler

    Dhs. 4,620.00

    Brand: Marco
    Product ID: 1000764

    • Insulated tank for minimal energy-loss
    • Removeable drip tray
    • Double tap model for hot & ambient water
    • Dimensions (D x W x H mm): 436 x 202 x 589
    • Immediate Draw Off: 8L(hot)
    • L/HR: 28L(hot)
    • Power: @220V
    • Packed Weight: 9.5kg

    Marco MT8 Commercial Hot Water Boiler Stainless steel With Tap

    Dhs. 3,885.00
    Brand: Marco
    Product Id: 1000763
    • Insulated tank for minimal energy loss
    • In-built filter option
    • Removable drip tray
    • Dimensions (D x W x H mm): 436 x 202 x 589
    • Immediate Draw Off: 8L
    • L/HR: 28L
    • Power: 220V
    • Packed Weight: 9.5kg

    Marco Mix UC8 Undercounter Multi Temperature 8 Ltr Hot Water Boiler

    Dhs. 9,450.00
    Brand: Marco
    Product Id: 1000887
    An innovation in water boilers: three temperatures, three volumes on demand.
    This MIX under-counter option must be used with our sleek, space-saving MIX font.

    Marco Mix UC3, 3 Ltr Undercounter Hot Water Boiler

    Dhs. 8,295.00

    Features and Specifications

    • 0.8 or 2.1-gallon options
    • Up to 70% more energy-efficient
    • 7.5 gallons output per hour 156 cups per hour
    • Drip tray and font are add-ons

    Marco Ecoboiler T30 Countertop Automatic Hot Water Boiler 30 Ltr

    Dhs. 6,667.00

    • Height To Tap: 185mm
    • Capacity: 30ltr
    • Output per hour: 56L
    • Cups per hour: 311

    Marco Ecoboiler T10 Countertop Automatic 10 Ltr Hot Water Boiler

    Dhs. 4,515.00


    Model: Ecoboiler T10
    Immediate Draw Off: 2.6 gal
    Power: 15amp/110v or 20amp/230v
    Dimensions: 20.2 x 8.2 x 23.2
    Tap to Counter: 7.2 in
    Plumbing Requirements: 3/8″ Compression of 3/8″ John Guist
    Power at 110v: 1.4kW
    Power at 230v: 2.8kW

    Marco Beverage Systems Ecoboiler PB10, 10 Ltr Countertop Automatic Push Button Hot Water Boiler

    Dhs. 5,446.35
    Marco Beverage Systems Ecoboiler PB10, 10 Ltr Countertop Automatic Push Button Hot Water Boiler. Energy-sufficient water boiler with a compact footprint. Plumbs directly into a mains supply. Excellent value for money. Easy to describe and service. Controlled electronically and made with 95% recyclable material. Takes up to 14oz cups. Output / Hour: 28 L Immediate Draw Off 10 L Cups / Hour: 156 LCD Panel Adjustable Temperature.

    Marco Eco Boiler T5 Automatic Hot Water Boiler 5 Ltr Counter Top Stainless Steel and Plastic

    Dhs. 4,357.00
    Brand ‎Marco
    Model Number ‎GL420
    Color ‎Silver
    Product Dimensions ‎17.2 x 11 x 18.4 cm; 10.89 Kilograms
    Capacity ‎5 Liters
    Power / Wattage ‎2.8 KW
    Material ‎Stainless Steel
    Special Features ‎Adjustable_Temperature
    Item Weight ‎10.9 Kilograms

    Water Boiler 

    Our premium water boiler will transform your house or place of business. Our hot water boiler is efficient and convenient, giving you rapid access to hot water whenever you need it. Get immediate hot water for your cooking, cleaning, and drinking requirements and wave goodbye to waiting for the kettle to boil. Our water boiler Dubai is the ideal complement to any setting because of their elegant designs and dependable operation.

    Get Reliable Boiler Hot Water Heater With Elegant Design

    With our sturdy boiler hot water heater with sophisticated designs, you can elevate your area. Our combination boiler hot water heater not only offers a steady supply of hot water but also improves the aesthetics of your surroundings since we recognise the value of both practicality and beauty. You can rely on our boiler water heater combo to satisfy you with each use by providing both style and functionality.

    Boiler Vs Hot Water Tank: Choose Your Comfort Option With Us

    Are you confused about boiler vs hot water tank? Discover the differences between boilers and hot water tanks with us to help you make the best decision for your comfort requirements. We provide a variety of solutions to meet your needs, whether you value efficiency, a compact design, or a certain level of heating. Our knowledgeable staff is available to help you understand steam vs hot water boiler. With our premium goods and attentive service, enjoy comfort and convenience.

    Shop Small Water Boiler With Durable Construction

    Find the ideal small water boiler along with a water steam boiler for your space that is built to last with this robust model. Our hot water boiler heating system and electric hot water boiler system endures regular usage and delivers dependable performance for many years to come, even though they are small in size. We can provide you with a portable commercial water boiler for convenience when on the go or a tiny solution for a small kitchen. You may shop with assurance knowing that our water boiler and warmer provide the sturdiness and dependability you require for your regular hot water requirements. Now you can get an office water boiler from us that offers comfort and peace in hectic office environments. If you are looking for hot water boiler for hotel or hot water boilers for residential areas, trust us

    Address Boiler Leaking Water From Inside: Buy A New Water Boiler From Us

    For all of your boiling leaking water from inside in Dubai, put your trust in our boiler. We provide a wide selection of boiler leaking water from top solutions since we are industry specialists and want to give you access to the best goods available. Are you worried about the electric hot water boiler not working? Worry not. Our product solves all the problems including boiler leaking water from bottom and water dripping from boiler. Feel at ease knowing that FAJ has qualified personnel handling your hot water requirements.

    Fulfill Requirements Of Boiler Feed Water By Our Trustworthy Water Boiler

    Do you want to know the requirements of boiler feed water? Optimize boiler performance by monitoring boiler feed water parameters and boiler feed water flow meter by our comprehensive products. Select one of our dependable boilers to confidently meet the boiler feed water requirements. Do you know what is boiler feed water? These guarantee that the feed water for your boiler system is properly treated and supplied with the help of a boiler feed water valve. By using our solutions, you can reduce the chance of corrosion and scale formation while maintaining optimal boiler performance. Put your trust in our knowledge to accurately and dependably handle all of your boiler feed water needs.

    Efficient For Monitoring Steam Boiler Water Treatment

    Our effective steam water boiler level monitoring solutions will help you maintain the smooth operation of your steam boiler. For boiler water softener to operate safely and effectively, water level regulation must be done correctly. Our hot water boiler chemical treatment offers real-time information to guarantee peak performance. Our asme boiler water treatment guidelines reduce the risk of accidents and downtime by making it simple to monitor and regulate the water level in your steam boiler using user-friendly interfaces and cutting-edge technology. With our boiler water treatment chemicals monitoring solutions, you can make an investment in effectiveness and security.

    Shop From Us To Get Necessary Steam Boiler Water Level Monitoring 

    Invest in the essential steam boiler water level products that we offer to prolong the lifespan and maximize the performance of your steam boiler. For your steam boiler water level control to operate as well as possible, corrosion, scale building, and other problems must be avoided with proper water treatment. We provide an extensive boiler water level sight glass solutions to satisfy your steam boiler water treatment requirements, ranging from corrosion inhibitors to scale preventatives. For years to come, you can rely on our knowledge and high-quality equipment to maintain your steam boiler operating at peak efficiency.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where to get boiler blowdown water quality?

    Water testing laboratories or water analysis kits made especially for boiler water testing can provide you with information on the quality of boiler blowdown water.

    • How can you identify your boiler losing water pressure?

    Checking for obvious leaks in the system, keeping an eye on the water level gauge, and noting any abrupt reductions in pressure readings on the boiler’s pressure gauge will all help you determine whether your boiler is losing water pressure.

    • What are the recommended chloride limits in boiler water?

    200 to 1000 ppm (parts per million) are the recommended limits for chloride in boiler water, depending on the kind of boiler and operating circumstances.

    • How are chloride limits in boiler water?

    Regular water testing and monitoring are used to control the levels of chloride in boiler water. To keep chloride levels within allowable bounds, modifications are made to blowdown procedures and chemicals used in water treatment.

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