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    Acaia Pearl S Smart Coffee Scale Black

    Dhs. 997.50
    Brand: Acaia
    Product Id: PS004
    Dimensions: 160mm(W) X 160mm(L) X 32mm(H)
    Weight: 606 g/1.3 lb
    Capacity: 6.6 lbs / 3 kg
    Max: 3000 g/Min: 0.1 g
    Measuring Units: oz,g
    Permissible Error Range: +/-0.2g
    Increments: 0.1g
    Display: LED Dot Matrix Display
    Battery: lithium-ion, USB rechargeable
    Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
    Warranty: 1 Year

    Acaia Pearl 2021 Coffee Scale Pitch Black

    Dhs. 750.75

    Brand: Acaia
    Product Id: AP009
    Product Weight:               500 g ± 5 g
    Product Dimensions:        W: 160 mm L: 160 mm H: 32 mm
    Maximum Capacity:         2000 g / 70.55 oz
    Minimum Weight:            0.1 g
    Measuring Units:              g / oz
    Readability:                       0.1 g
    Linearity:                           1 d
    Indication Limit:               2060 g / 72.66 oz
    Power Supply:                   5 V / 500 mA
    Battery:                             Lithium-ion rechargeable 3.7 V 1100 mAh
    Battery Life:                      30-40 Hours
    Display:                              8-digit LED
    Material:                            PC 
    Connectivity:                     Bluetooth 4.0
    Warranty:                          1 Year
    Inside the Package:           Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale x 1
    Heat Resistant Pad:           1
    Type-C Charger Cable:      1

    Coffee scales

    We offer a wide range of selection of coffee scales at FAJ; they’re made to improve the way you brew coffee. Whether you own a coffee shop or are a home barista, you can count on our sturdy coffee weigher to measure your coffee components precisely. Discover our modern Bluetooth brewing scales, which let you link to brewing applications for better monitoring and control over your coffee brewing settings. Some models come with rechargeable batteries, which means you won’t have to replace them all the time. Take advantage of our sustainable power source and the convenience of our product. Discover the features of smart displays, such as interactive displays that walk you through the brewing process and backlighting for easier reading in a variety of lighting situations. 

    Enjoy reliable coffee scale at FAJ

    Embrace authentic coffee scale, which are offered by our exclusive store. We are aware of how crucial precise measurements are to making the ideal cup of coffee. You may always have a lovely cup of coffee thanks to the consistency and accuracy that our coffee scales are designed to deliver. With the help of our high-precision sensors, which deliver precise and reliable readings, you can reach exact brewing ratios for the ideal cup of coffee. When adding or removing coffee grounds or other ingredients, precise measurements are ensured by the innovative function of our coffee scale UAE, which not only resets the coffee scales to zero but also takes weight variations into account. A lot of our brewing scales have built-in timers, so you can keep track of the brewing time in addition to weight readings. This feature is very helpful for manual brewing techniques like pour-over.

    Why choose us for the coffee strength scale?

    There are various benefits to selecting our store for your coffee strength scale requirements. Coffee lovers should choose us because of our dedication to providing amazing products, excellent customer service, and high-quality items. You can rely on us to provide you with a coffee strength scale that matches your needs and improves the brewing experience. It goes above and beyond selecting our online store for your coffee intensity scale requirements. Our dedication to quality encompasses not only providing dependable products but also providing coffee lovers with a comprehensive experience. At our store, we take great satisfaction in our customized approach, making sure that each client receives not just a trustworthy coffee strength scale but also unmatched customer service. Coffee enthusiasts have distinct tastes, and we are committed to offering a customized solution that improves the brewing experience. You can trust us not only for excellent products but also for a partnership that puts your needs first. 

    Now available: best coffee scale at FAJ

    Discover the best coffee scale at our exclusive shop right now. We take great satisfaction in providing a carefully chosen assortment of best cheap coffee scales, making sure you have access to the greatest equipment for weighing the components of your coffee. With the greatest acaia coffee scale available from our online store, you can up your coffee-brewing game. Select from a variety of weight capacities to meet your brewing needs. We provide a range of capacities for our pearl coffee scale, from small models ideal for single servings to bigger models ideal for batch brewing. Some of our coffee scale acaia have folding, small designs that make them perfect for traveling or small kitchen spaces. Easily move and store your scale without sacrificing its usefulness. Our coffee weighers are made of sturdy materials and are designed to resist regular use. 

    Various coffee weighing scale types

    We are aware that different people have different tastes in coffee. Because diverse purposes require different kinds of coffee weighing scales, we provide a variety of them. We offer the ideal coffee weighing scale for you, whether you’d rather use a bigger scale for business use or a smaller one for household use. Some of the coffee weighing scale types that we sell are:

    • bodum coffee scale
    • brewista coffee scale
    • brewista smart coffee scale ii

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • How to make pour over coffee without a scale?

    Without a scale, measure out the coffee grinds using tablespoons and taste as you go. Pour water evenly over the grounds in a steady, circular motion after heating it to just below boiling.

    •  What kinds of coffee strength scales are available at our store?

    A wide variety of coffee strength scales, including compact models, sophisticated feature-rich models, and solutions for both home and commercial usage, are available from us to accommodate different tastes and brewing requirements.

    • How can I figure out which coffee strength scale is best for me?

    Our experienced staff is prepared to help you select the best coffee scales according to your brewing tastes, volume needs, and desired features. Please get in touch if you would want individualized advice.

    • Can novices easily use the coffee strength scales?

    Our coffee scales are made with features that make them easy to use for both novice and seasoned coffee drinkers. Numerous versions have simple controls and easy-to-read screens.

    • Is it possible to use the coffee strength scale with various brewing techniques?

    Definitely! Our adaptable coffee scales work well with a variety of brewing techniques, like pour-over, French press, espresso, and more. They offer precise proportions so that you can have a personalized coffee experience.

    • Why are the coffee strength scales from our store dependable?

    Our shop places a great value on dependability by providing coffee scales with sophisticated features, robust construction, and high-precision sensors. Our goal is to deliver trustworthy goods that improve your brewing experience.

    • Do you provide a warranty for your scales measuring coffee strength?

    A lot of our scales for measuring coffee scales do have warranties. For precise warranty information, please refer to the product specifics or get in touch with our customer care since the duration and terms could differ.

    • Is it possible to locate commercially appropriate coffee strength scales at our store?

    We provide a range of coffee scales that are appropriate for use in commercial settings. These scales are made with accuracy and dependability in mind, to handle the needs of high-volume brewing.

    • How can I ensure precise measurements with my coffee strength scale by calibrating it?

    Model-specific calibration techniques may differ. If your coffee scales have a user manual, consult it for detailed calibration instructions. We’re available to help if you have any queries or worries. Please contact us.

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