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    Victoria Arduino Mythos MY 75 Espresso Grinder Black

    Dhs. 9,345.00

    Brand: Victoria Arduino
    Product Id: MY75

    • Grinding disc: 75 mm Titanium Burrs
    • 1.5 Kg Hopper
    • Capable of grinding more than 18 Kg / Hour
    • Micrometric grind adjustment
    • Temperature control allows you to adjust the grind temperature between 20-50 degrees Celsius
    • Touchscreen to access the intuitive adjustment system and all other info through the sleek touchscreen in front of the machine
    • 3 Dosing options, manual barista mode, shot counter, and more
    • Tailored granulometry: Barista can read burrs distance directly from the display to have an improved understanding of grind setting variables.
    • Portafilter Holder for handsfree grinding
    • Dual cooling fan
    • Impressive clump crusher
    • 1500 Kg grinding disk capability before replacing
    • Perfect for mid-size coffee shops

    Eureka Atom Specialty 65 E Electric Espresso Coffee Grinder Black Matt

    Dhs. 3,622.00
    Brand: Eureka 1920
    Product Id: atom 65 black
    Type: Flat
    Diameter: 65 mm
    Material: Hardened steel
    Display: Yes (colored)
    Dose counter: Yes
    Spotlight on filter holder: Yes
    Traction: Direct
    Rpm: 1310
    Power: 510 watts
    Feeding: Single-Phase
    Available versions: Electronic
    Stepless micrometric adjustment: Yes
    Bean hopper capacity: 1,2 kg
    Productivity (g/s): 2,7 – 3,7
    H: 540 mm X W: 205 mm X D: 227 mm
    Weight: 9.5 kg

    Victoria Arduino MYONE Espresso Coffee Grinder

    Dhs. 8,767.00

    Product Id: AMYONE0ONDD750005

    Burr Size: 75mm

    Burr Type: Titanium burrs

    Hopper size: 1.5kg

    Adjustment: Micro-mental step-less adjustment

    Programs: 3 programmable doses

    Doser / On Demand: On-demand

    Portafilter Holder: Yes (Universal)

    Controls: Front-facing button display

    Counters: Total & Partial

    Construction: Hardened steel

    Finish: White or Black

    Voltage: 230(50Hz) / 115V (60Hz)

    Power: 230/650Volts/Watts

    Weight: 23.8-24kg

    Dimensions WDH: 195x395x475mm

    Eureka Mignon Specialita 55mm Flat Steel Burr Black Espresso Grinder

    Dhs. 2,363.00

    Product ID: EME55B24G20T00N00001

    Type: Flat
    Diameter: 55 mm
    Material: Hardened steel


    Display: Yes (Touch)
    Dose counter: Yes

    Traction: Direct
    Rpm: 1350
    Power absorbed: 310 watt
    Feeding: Single-phase

    Available versions: 2 doses + continuous
    Stepless micrometric adjustment: Yes
    Bean hopper capacity: 300 gr
    Productivity (g/s): 1,2 – 1,8 Espresso
    1,9 – 2,5 Brew

    Height: 350 mm
    Width: 120 mm
    Depth: 180 mm
    Weight: 5,6 kg

    Eureka Atom Specialty 75E Espresso Grinder

    Dhs. 4,779.00

    Type: Flat
    Diameter: 75 mm
    Material: Hardened steel

    Display: Yes (coloured)
    Dose counter: Yes
    Spotlight on filter holder: Yes

    Traction: Direct
    Rpm: 1400
    Power: 800 watt
    Feeding: Single phase

    Available versions: Electronic
    Stepless micrometric adjustment: Yes
    Bean hopper capacity: 1.4 kg
    Productivity (g/s): 4.5 – 5.5

    H:570 mm X W:185 mm X D:227 mm
    Weight: 9.5 kg

    Espresso Grinders

    With our carefully constructed line of espresso grinders, which are intended to improve the flavour, aroma, and general quality of your espresso, you can fully enjoy your coffee experience. FAJ is proud to provide a wide range of best espresso grinders, which guarantee accuracy and consistency so that you may brew the best possible espresso every time. With an espresso grinder that provides a variety of customisable grind settings, you can customise your coffee to perfection. We provide doser and doserless espresso grinder UAE to suit your tastes. You can take complete control over your coffee-making process by selecting between the ease of use of a doser for accurate dosing and the ease of use of a doserless system for a fresh grind each and every time.

    Enjoy doser espresso grinder at FAJ

    Take a sensory trip as you explore the world of doser espresso grinder, which is only available at FAJ. You can rely on FAJ to provide doser coffee grinders that meet or beyond your expectations, ensuring accuracy and quality with each grind. Burrs made with accuracy can enhance your coffee-drinking experience. We offer the best espresso machine with grinder,made of premium materials, these burrs maintain a constant grind size, protecting your coffee beans’ subtle flavours and scents. Powerful motors that readily smash coffee beans to a rapid and consistent grind allow for effective grinding. Our grinders’ strong motors add to their life and durability. Implement integrated cooling systems to avoid overheating. By sustaining ideal temperature levels, espresso machine and grinder guarantees that the grinding process does not degrade the quality of your coffee beans.

    Why choose us for the eureka espresso grinder?

    FAJ is your reliable partner when it comes to choosing a Eureka espresso grinder, and we have modern features that differentiate us. Experience the world of well-known brand trust with our Eureka grinders, which include quality, innovation, and advanced technology. Embrace accurate grinding, sturdy construction, and an easy-to-use design that makes grinding enjoyable. Your Eureka espresso grinder from FAJ is an investment in a dependable and superb coffee experience. Fair business practices and openness characterises FAJ’s operations. We uphold moral behaviour, making sure that our clients get not only high-quality goods but also a satisfying and reliable shopping experience. FAJ is environmentally conscious and supports sustainable activities. Our committed support team is available to help, whether you have inquiries regarding our grinders, need help with problems, or need information about maintenance.

    Now available: best commercial espresso grinder

    Presenting the newest piece of equipment: the ideal commercial espresso coffee grinderEspresso Italiano coffee grinder offers consistency, dependability, and the capacity to turn your espresso beans into amazing flavours. Our espresso maker with grinder is made to last. The Espresso coffee machine with grinder lasts a long time because of their sturdy design and long-lasting components, which makes them a dependable addition to your coffee setup. Easy-to-maintain and clean espresso coffee maker with grinder will simplify your morning routine. 

    Looking for the best coffee grinder for espresso?

    FAJ offers the best commercial espresso grinder for companies who want nothing less than the best. Coffee grinder and espresso machine are fast, efficient, and produce grinds of unmatched quality. With the dependability and efficiency of the commercial best espresso grinder available from FAJ, you may enhance the coffee offerings of your company. Experience a flawless coffee-grinding process thanks to an intuitive interface. Coffee lovers can use our small espresso machine with grinder because of its clear controls, easy-to-read screens. Automatic espresso machine with grinder provides noise reduction technologies that helps you minimise disturbances in your kitchen. 

    Reliable top espresso grinders

     Enjoy our premium eureka atom espresso grinder, which is hand-picked to provide outstanding results. FAJ is aware that quality counts whether it’s being used for business or residential purposes. We guarantee that your experience with our finest Eureka mignon espresso grinder will always be outstanding, since they continually reach and beyond the high standards we establish. You can rely on FAJ to deliver the best home espresso grinder technology available, raising the standard for dependability and quality. Take advantage of the ease of grinding without sacrificing a calm and delightful atmosphere. Make the most of the space in your kitchen by using small and efficient designs. Our espresso grinders are designed with care to blend in with your kitchen while providing both practicality and style.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    • What aspects must be taken into account while selecting a coffee grinder?

    To make sure the Espresso Grinders satisfy your coffee brewing demands, pay attention to the motor power, durability, and customisable grind settings.

    • Are your coffee grinders appropriate for different ways to brew coffee?

    Unquestionably. With the variety of brewing techniques that our grinders support, you can get the ideal grind for your favourite method—whether it’s drip, French press, or pour-over.

    • How should my Espresso Grinders be maintained and cleaned to get the best results?

    For detailed cleaning recommendations, see the product manual. To keep your grinder in optimal condition, be sure to clean it often, use grinder cleaner pellets, and adhere to recommended maintenance procedures.

    • Can I use these Espresso Grinders to ground nuts or other spices?

    Although they are mostly made for coffee, several of our grinders can also handle specific nuts or spices. For information on compatibility and suggestions, consult the product specifications and guidelines.

    • What is your coffee grinders’ typical lifespan?

    Durability is a major priority in the construction of our grinders. Although the lifespan varies depending on use and upkeep, years of dependable operation are possible with the right maintenance.

    • Are spare parts for your coffee grinders readily available?

    Absolutely, we have a variety of replacement components available to keep your Espresso Grinders operating properly. For help locating the appropriate parts, get in touch with our customer service.

    • Are these Espresso Grinders suitable for use in a business setting?

    A selection of our Espresso Grinders can be used in a commercial setting. To find out if a given model fits your company’s needs, review the product characteristics and suggestions.

    • How loudly do these Espresso Grinders make noise when they’re working?

    We recognise the value of conducting business quietly. Our Espresso Grinders are made with noise-cancelling technology to reduce noise interference and still provide effective grinding.

    • Do your Espresso Grinders come with a warranty?

    A lot of our Espresso Grinders are covered by warranties. To find out more detailed warranty data for the grinder you are interested in, check out the product specifics or get in touch with our customer service.

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