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    Flojet High Flow Bottled Water Dispensing Pump System

    Dhs. 940.00
    Brand: Xylem
    Product Id: BW5003-000A
    Max Pressure: 40 PSI (2.76 bar)
    Dimensions: 74.93 mm H x 130.05 mm W x 193.54 mm D
    Voltages: 230 VAC
    Amp Draw: 230 VAC, 0.2 amp max
    Cycles: 50/60 Hz for AC models
    Weight: 2.04 kg

    Bottled Water Pump

    Our handy bottled water pump will enhance your water dispensing system. Our pump systems provide hassle-free access to clean, refreshing water from ordinary bottled water containers. Our pumps offer an easy-to-install and easy-to-use option for kitchens, offices, and any other area where having access to fresh water is crucial. With our dependable water pump systems from us, you can say goodbye to lifting bulky water bottles and welcome to uncomplicated hydration.

    Avail Amazing Deals And Discounts On Bottled Water Pump System

    Don’t pass up fantastic offers and savings on our selection of bottled water pump system. We provide competitive pricing and exclusive deals to assist you upgrade your bottled water dispensing system while saving money, whether you need a pump for your house or place of business. Since our pump systems are dependable and efficient, you can count on having access to clean water whenever you need it. Benefit from our incredible offers right now and experience the ease of using a Flojet bottled water dispenser for bottled water from us.

    Signs You Need A New Bottled Water Pump

    Are you unsure whether you should replace the flojet plus bottled water pump? Watch out for the following symptoms: erratic water flow, odd noises made while the appliance is operating, leaks or drips, and trouble distributing water. It could be time to get a new flojet bottled water pump system if you see any of these problems. Our selection of premium bottled pumps provides a hassle-free solution for your water distribution needs with dependable performance and simple installation. Get a new, effective pump from FAJ Professional right now instead of waiting for your current one to break. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How does the pump mechanism for bottled water operate? 

    The bottled water pump system makes clean drinking water easily accessible without requiring strenuous lifting or manual pouring by using a motorised pump to extract water from a typical bottled water container and dispense it through a nozzle. 

    • What kinds of containers work with the pump for bottled water? 

    The majority of standard-sized water bottles, including 3- and 5-gallon containers, are compatible with our bottled water dispenser pump systems, which means we can use them in a range of home and office configurations.

    • How simple is it to install bottled water pump systems? 

    Absolutely, our bottled dispenser pump systems are simple to install; they usually just need a little amount of assembly and don’t require any specialised tools. The majority of customers can quickly and easily install the pump system by following a few easy steps. 

    • Can hot or cold water be utilised with the bottle water pump dispenser system? 

    The main purpose of our water bottle pump systems is to dispense water at room temperature. On the other hand, several versions might work with both hot and cold water bottles, providing flexibility for various hydration requirements.

    • How can I tell if the bottle water dispenser has to be replaced? 

    Decreased water flow, odd noises made while operating, leaks or drips, or obvious wear and tear are indicators that we should replace the water dispenser pump. To guarantee continuing dependability and efficiency, you should replace the pump if you encounter any of these problems.

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