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    Precise MilkMaster 4L Cooler

    Dhs. 1,995.00

    Product Id: M10H

    – 220-240V/50-60Hz
    – R600a
    – Black box
    – White ABS Liner
    – Auto-defrosting base evaporation
    – Finned evaporator
    – DC evaporative fan
    – Filament tube condenser
    – DC condensing fan
    – 4 adjustable mat
    – Elec-control(TEMP display)
    – LED
    Volume: 4L
    Inside Dimension: 158*190*280mm
    Gross weight: 13.7 Kg
    Net weight: 12 Kg
    TEMP range: 0~4
    Product size (W*D*H)mm: 220*450*454
    Package size (W*D*H)mm: 285*510*515
    – 20’GP – 364
    – 40’GP – 730
    – 40’HQ – 916

    Precise Milk Master 9L

    Dhs. 1,995.00
    Brand: Precise
    Product Id: M10H

    Parameters 220-240V/50-60Hz
    black box
    White ABS Liner
    Auto-defrosting base evaporation
    Finned evaporator
    DC evaporative fan
    Filament tube condenser
    DC condensing fan
    4 adjustable mat
    Elec-control(TEMP display)
    Volume L 9
    Inside Dimension 158*190*280mm
    Gross weight 13.7
    Net weight 12
    TEMP range 0~4
    Product size (W*D*H)mm 220*450*454
    Package size (W*D*H)mm 285*510*515
    Container 20’GP 364
    40’GP 730
    40’HQ 916

    Milk Cooler For Coffee Machine

    This premium milk cooler for coffee machine is made especially for coffee machines, so you may enjoy coffee to the most. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of manually controlling milk temperature. Your milk will always be fresh and the ideal temperature for your favorite coffee drinks thanks to our milk cooler. It complements the flavor and appearance of your drinks and blends in smoothly with your coffee setup thanks to its elegant design and effective operation. Purchase our milk cooler for coffee machine right now to up your coffee game to unprecedented levels of brilliance.

    Avail Amazing Deals And Discounts On Milk Cooler

    Don’t pass up our fantastic milk cooler savings and bargains! The moment is here to get premium milk coolers at an incredible price, whether you’re a coffee lover or a business owner trying to improve your beverage options. With our exclusive deals, you can now affordably enjoy the performance and convenience of a professional-grade milk cooler for coffee machine without sacrificing style or functionality. Seize these incredible discounts while they’re still available to elevate your coffee-drinking experience.

    Get Professional Milk Cooler At Your Doorstep

    Enjoy the ease of having milk cooled to perfection delivered straight to your home. Our milk cooler for coffee machines ensures that your milk stays fresh and refrigerated for longer by combining exceptional performance with durability. We provide the ideal milk cooler for coffee machines to meet your demands, whether you operate a café or are a home barista. We’ll handle everything else, including delivering your milk cooler for coffee machine right to your home. All you have to do is place your purchase online. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of expert milk cooling without ever leaving the comforts of your house or place of business.

    Selling Milk Cooler Durable Construction With Big Storage

    Are you trying to find a milk cooler for a coffee machine that can meet your needs? You need go no farther than our assortment of milk coolers, which feature sturdy construction and generous storage space. Our milk coolers are long-lasting and made to endure the rigors of regular use, guaranteeing years of dependable operation. You’ll also have plenty of space to store all the milk you need for your beverages because of their roomy interiors. Our milk cooler for coffee machine is perfect for both running a busy café and making lattes at home. Invest in convenience and quality by choosing one of our sturdy milk coolers now.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a cooler for milk?

    To ensure milk is fresh and of high quality for use in coffee and other beverages, a milk cooler is a specialized equipment that stores and chills at the ideal temperature. 

    • Why is a milk chiller necessary for my coffee maker? 

    In commercial situations where significant quantities of milk are utilized, a milk cooler is crucial for preserving the quality and freshness of milk. It improves taste and consistency by making sure milk is at the ideal temperature for use in coffee beverages.

    • How are milk coolers operated? 

    Milk coolers keep the milk cold without freezing it by using refrigeration technology to keep the interior of the device at a constant temperature. In order to avoid separation and preserve the quality of the milk, certain models could further have functions like temperature control and agitation.

    • Are milk coolers simple to maintain and clean?

    Yes, the majority of milk coolers have easy-to-maintain designs. Some even have automatic cleaning cycles for added convenience. They frequently contain detachable parts.

    • Can I use my home as a milk cooler? 

    Of course! Milk coolers come in a range of sizes to accommodate both residential and commercial applications. A milk cooler can be a useful addition to your kitchen appliances, regardless of whether you’re a coffee addict or just want to have chilled milk available for beverages. 

    • How much milk is the capacity of a milk cooler? 

    Depending on the model, milk coolers have different amounts of storage. Some are suited for high-volume use in cafés and restaurants since they can store considerable quantities, while others can only contain a few liters.

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