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    Delonghi Coffee Machine Infuser Brewing Unit made for ETAM and ECAM fully Automatic Model Part number 7313251451

    Dhs. 0.00
    PACKAGE DIMENSIONS 8.78 x 6.93 x 3.43 inches
    ITEM WEIGHT 11.3 ounces
    ITEM MODEL NUMBER 7313251451

    Delonghi Milk Frother ECAM23 ECAM25 Milk Tank Automatic Coffee Machine 5513294511

    Dhs. 0.00
    MANUFACTURER ‎Delonghi
    PART NUMBER ‎5513294511
    ITEM WEIGHT ‎0.32 ounces
    PRODUCT DIMENSIONS ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches
    ITEM MODEL NUMBER ‎5513294511
    STYLE ‎Compact

    DeLonghi 3-way solenoid valve 230v - 5213214031 (5213270535)

    Dhs. 0.00
    Code DL5213270535


    3-way solenoid valve 230v - DeLonghi 5213214031 - 5213270535

    DeLonghi 5213223671 (AS13200148) Power board SW2.2 230V

    Dhs. 0.00

    Code DL5213223671

    Power board SW2.2 230V - DeLonghi 5213223671 - AS13200148

    DeLonghi 5213221541 Power board SW2.1 DG 230V

    Dhs. 0.00

    Code DL5213221541

    Power board SW2.1 DG 230V - DeLonghi 5213221541

    DeLonghi 5213220341 (5213221521) Power board SW1.2 DG 230V

    Dhs. 0.00
    Code DL5213221521 Power board SW1.2 DG 230V - DeLonghi 5213220341 - 5213221521

    DeLonghi 5213220081 Power board SW 1.3 230V

    Dhs. 0.00

    DeLonghi 5213218471 Solenoid valve 3

    Dhs. 0.00

    Code DL5213218471


    Solenoid valve 3 - DeLonghi 5213218471

    DeLonghi 5213218421 Solenoid valve 3vb 230V

    Dhs. 0.00

    Code DL5213218421


    Solenoid valve 3vb 230V - DeLonghi 5213218421

    DeLonghi 5213218311 (5213215771) Solenoid valve 2vb 230V

    Dhs. 0.00

    Code DL5213218311

    Solenoid valve 2vb 230V - DeLonghi 5213218311 - 5213215771

    Delonghi 5213218261 3-way solenoid valve 230v

    Dhs. 0.00

    Code DL5213218261


    3-way solenoid valve 230v - Delonghi 5213218261

    DeLonghi 5213218251: Solenoid valve 3va 230V

    Dhs. 0.00

    Code DL5213218251


    Solenoid valve 3va 230V - DeLonghi 5213218251

    DeLonghi Thermostat 13.5A 318° (5213216261)

    Dhs. 0.00

    Code DL5213216261

    Thermostat 13.5A 318° - DeLonghi 5213216261

    DeLonghi Temperature sensor (5213211781) 5213215661

    Dhs. 0.00

    Code DL5213215661


    Temperature sensor - DeLonghi 5213211781 - 5213215661

    DeLonghi NTC Sensor (5213215671) (5213214061)

    Dhs. 0.00

    Code DL5213214061


    Ntc sensor - Delonghi 5213214061 - 5213215671

    Commercial coffee machine spare parts

    Do you need commercial coffee machine spares for your coffee maker? With our wide range of commercial coffee machine parts, we have got you covered when it comes to maintaining the optimal operation of your commercial coffee maker. Because we know how important it is to have reliable parts, we provide premium commercial coffee machine spare parts. We offer replacement filters, brewing attachments, and other necessary parts to keep your coffee maker operating at peak efficiency. Look through our selection of replacement parts for commercial coffee makers to find the ideal match for your machinery.

    Why choose us for commercial espresso machine parts

    Our area of expertise is offering premium commercial coffee machine spare parts. Our selection of parts for commercial espresso machines is made to withstand the demands of the workplace. Our premium replacement parts, which range from steam wand components to precise filters, are made to prolong the life and improve the functionality of your espresso maker. For dependable and long-lasting parts that guarantee your commercial espresso machine performs at its best, rely on us.

    Enjoy commercial coffee machine parts at FAJ

    Find a wide range of parts for commercial coffee makers at our exclusive store. We provide an extensive range of components designed to specifically address the requirements of commercial coffee setups. Our catalog includes all the necessary parts, such as heating elements and new brew baskets, that you may need. With our authentic and long-lasting parts, you can keep your commercial coffee maker operating smoothly. To locate the appropriate commercial coffee machine spare parts for your machinery, browse our inventory now.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • What kinds of appliances do we sell?

    We have a large selection of both residential and commercial appliances. We have espresso and coffee makers, spare parts, and a variety of other appliances in stock that may be used in both residential and commercial settings.

    • What kinds of coffee machine spare parts are available?

    We provide a wide range of replacement components for industrial coffee makers. Whether your business coffee maker needs new filters, brew baskets, heating elements, or other parts, our selection is made to keep things functioning properly. See our selection for authentic and long-lasting replacement components.

    • What is the address of the closest FAJ store?

    Our online store locator makes it simple to find the closest FAJ shop. Go to our website and enter your location to use the shop locating tool. It will provide you with the location of the nearest store so you may check out our goods and services, along with the address and directions.

    • Do your replacement parts work with appliances from all manufacturers?

    We make a great effort in choosing our commercial coffee machine spare parts so they work with a variety of appliance brands. Nonetheless, to make sure the replacement parts are compatible with your particular appliance model, it’s a good idea to review the product descriptions or speak with our friendly staff.

    • Can I purchase spare parts online?

    Sure, you can easily buy commercial coffee machine spare parts online by visiting our website. Browse our variety of spare parts online, put what you want in your basket, and complete the safe online checkout process by visiting our online store.

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