Delonghi Water Tank, Container 7313271639

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Brand:   Delonghi
Made:   Italy
Model No:   DL7313271639
Material:   High-quality Plastic
Weight:   549 g
Suits:   Espresso Maker

SKU: DL7313271639  Commercial Coffee Machine Spare Parts

About this item:
The Delonghi Water Tank, model number 7313271639 is a premium replacement container designed explicitly for Espresso Maker models. This water tank guarantees long-lasting durability and dependable performance. It is meticulously crafted to integrate perfectly with your Delonghi Espresso Maker machine, ensuring a secure and efficient water storage solution. 
The sturdy material withstands daily use, heat, and pressure demands, ensuring your Espresso Maker machine functions smoothly and effectively. Installation and maintenance are straightforward, making this water tank a crucial component for maintaining your coffee machine's optimal functionality.
Whether you need a replacement or an extra, this Delonghi water tank is built to fulfill your requirements, offering a reliable and top-quality solution for your coffee brewing needs. Experience the ease and robustness of a product that delivers consistent performance, helping you brew the perfect cup of coffee each time.