Delonghi Thermoblock Connector L-Shaped 5313218931 Pipes, Tubes and Hoses Fitting.

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Brand:   Delonghi
Model No:   DL5313218931
Size:   4 mm
Fits:   Various Delonghi Models

SKU: DL5313218931  Commercial Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Product Benefits:
The Delonghi Thermoblock Connector L-shaped 5313218931 is used in Delonghi coffee machines to connect the Thermoblock heating element and other internal components. The Thermoblock is essential for heating water to the optimal temperature for brewing coffee. 
This L-shaped connector ensures the proper flow and secure connection of water or steam through the thermoblock, contributing to efficient and consistent heating during the coffee brewing process. It is a critical component in maintaining the coffee machine's optimal performance. 
This Thermoblock connector 5313218931 fits with the various Delonghi Brand models.