Delonghi Coffee Maker 2 Cup Filter 5513281001, 7313288199

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Brand:   Delonghi
Model No:   DL5513281001
Weight:   500g
Suites:   EC820, EC860, ECP3220,
 ECP3420, and ECP3630

SKU: DL5513281001  Commercial Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Product Features:

The Delonghi Coffee Machine 2 Cup Filter, model numbers 5513281001 and 7313288199, is used for brewing two cups of coffee simultaneously. It is designed to fit into compatible Delonghi coffee machines, ensuring that you can prepare two servings of coffee at the same time. 

Essential uses of the Delonghi Coffee Maker 2 Cup Filter include:  

Dual Brewing Capability: It allows you to brew two cups of coffee at once, making it convenient for serving multiple people or enjoying a second cup without waiting. 

Optimal Extraction: Ensures the coffee grounds are evenly saturated, providing a balanced and rich flavor in each cup. 

Easy Maintenance: The filter is easy to clean, which helps maintain the quality of your coffee and extends the lifespan of your coffee machine. 

Consistency: It helps maintain consistent brewing results, giving you the same great taste with every use. 

This filter is an essential accessory for Delonghi coffee machine owners who value efficiency and quality in their coffee brewing process.