Delonghi Coffee Grounds Container 5313223071, AS13200103 Collection Container

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Brand:   Delonghi
Model No:   DLAS13200103
Material:   Plastic
Item weight:   0.16 Kg
Suites:   Various Delonghi Models

SKU: DLAS13200103  Commercial Coffee Machine Spare Parts

About this item:
The Delonghi Coffee Grounds Container 5313223071, also known as AS13200103, is an essential accessory for maintaining a tidy and efficient coffee brewing environment. Designed to fit seamlessly with your Delonghi coffee machine, this durable container collects used coffee grounds, ensuring a mess-free brewing process. Easy to remove and clean, it enhances your coffee setup's overall convenience and functionality. Perfect for home and professional use, the Delonghi Coffee Grounds Container helps you manage waste efficiently, keeping your coffee area neat and organized. Its efficiency in waste management is a testament to its practicality. Available in the UAE, it's a practical addition to your coffee routine.
Delonghi coffee grounds container AS13200103 fits the following models:
ECAM13.123, ECAM20.116
ECAM21.110, ECAM21.112, ECAM21.116, ECAM21.117, ECAM21.118
ECAM22.105, ECAM22110, ECAM22.110, ECAM22112, ECAM22.113, ECAM22.114, ECAM22.119, ECAM22.127, ECAM22.320, ECAM22.323
ECAM23120, ECAM23.120, CAM23.125, CAM23.260, ECAM23.266, ECAM23.420, ECAM23.450, ECAM23.460, ECAM23.463, ECAM23.464, ECAM23.466, ECAM24.210, ECAM24.467
ECAM25.120, ECAM25.128, ECAM25.452, ECAM25.457, ECAM25.462
ECAM230.13, ECAM230.33, ECAM250.23, ECAM250.33, FEB2523, FEB2533