BWT Bestsave S Limescale Pad Water Tank Filter (50L) KS08100A00

Dhs. 36.75

Advantages of BWT bestsave at a glance:

  • For coffee machines with a water tank
  • Pad is simply placed in the water tank
  • Effective and long-lasting limescale protection
  • Simple and reliable to use
  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Less effort for the maintenance of machine technology and rail technology



The BWT bestsave limescale protection pad offers perfect basic limescale protection for all coffee machines that have a water tank. The limescale protection pad is very easy to use. After unpacking, it is briefly rinsed under running water and placed directly on the bottom of the coffee machine’s tank. BWT bestsave is ideal for smaller vending machines and coffee outlets. It is best to optimize the water overnight so that there is enough water to make coffee the following day.