BWT Bestcare MINI The Germ Catcher Water Filter FS10B00A00

Dhs. 480.00
  • Ultra-compact filter system for protection against bacteria
  • Perfect protection and hygiene
  • Ideal for drinking water dispensers
  • Removal of particles and suspended matter
  • Space-saving design and very simple handling



BWT Bestcare MINI is a filter system specially designed to protect against bacteria and remove particles from water in water dispensers and cold beverage vending machines.

Its small size makes it easy to install the unit upstream of or in water dispensers or other devices via John Guest fittings and to replace the filter or unit as needed. BWT Bestcare MINI stands for consistently pure, hygienically clean water and offers a high capacity of 5,000 liters thanks to its compact design.

Technical advantages of BWT Bestcare MINI:

  • Membrane filter module providing 99.9999% (log 6) retention of bacteria
  • Perfect prevention against bacterial contamination
  • Retention of particles
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Consistently high water quality