BWT Bestaqua 16 Membrane Reverse Osmosis Filter Cartridge 125258720

Dhs. 1,627.50
  • Filter system with integrated high-performance membrane
  • suitable for the BWT osmosis system bestaqua ROC 16
  • Innovative filter system:
    The raw water passes through a high-performance membrane inside the filter candle through which only the pure water molecules make it.
  • Protects against salt and lime stains:
    Streak-forming minerals are removed from the water without leaving any residue.
  • Optimal machine protection:
    Water is completely freed from limescale and cannot accumulate in the machine.
  • optimizes the cleaning performance of the chemicals:
    lower dosage is possible.
  • minimal operating costs:
    low-maintenance and low-wear system with high yield at the same time.
  • Fully under control:
    Control of all important values ​​via the BWT Best Water Professional app.
  • Operating position: vertical


Application areas:

  • Gastro dishwashers
  • Combi steamers/ovens
  • Ice cube maker
  • Coffee machines