BWT Bestaqua 14 Membrane Reverse Osmosis Filter Cartridge RS82M01A00

Dhs. 10,270.00

Key data      
Permeate performance1: 2 L/min = 120 L/h
Salt retention rate: (>) 97 %
Permeate yield 1,2,3 (WCF): approx. 50 %

Operating conditions      
Min. feed water flow rate : 4,2 L/min = 250 L/h
Concentrate flow rate approx.: 2,0 L/min = 120 L/h
Feed water pressure: 0,15–0,4 MPa = 1,5–4 bar
Feed water temperature: 5–30 °C
Ambient temperature: 5–40 °C

Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz, ≥ 6 A protection
Protection class: IP 54
Equipment fuse: 1,25 A, time-lag
Power consumption    : 200 W, Standby (<) 3 ”
Equipment connection: EC-60320 C13
Cold appliance connection cable: 1.8 m, CEE 7/4, IEC-60320 C13

Feed and drainage lines      
Feed water: M ¾”
Permeat: M â…œ”
Concentrate: John Guest 8 mm
External tank: John Guest 8 mm

Dimensions and weight      
Dimensions (W x D x H): 277 x 297 x 505 mm
Weight: 17.7 kg

Order numbers     
BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee: RS82M01A00
BWT bestaqua Membrane Size 14: RS00Y61A00
BWT bestaqua PREMIUM Size 14: FS24P99A00



BWT bestaqua MEMBRANE is a milestone in the simple and safe use of reverse osmosis membranes. Installing and replacing a reverse osmosis membrane has never been so easy. Simply screw the filter candle out and back into the pre-installed BWT besthead filter head – done. The time-consuming process of loosening various hose connections is eliminated.

BWT bestaqua 14ROC membrane at a glance

  • Integral part of BWT bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis systems
  • Highly efficient reverse osmosis membrane in filter candle shape
  • Ideal for many applications in the catering industry
  • High permeate performance
  • High salt separation rate
  • Insensitive to particles and chlorine in raw water
  • Easiest installation
  • Filter replacement without the use of tools
  • Combined permeate and concentrate discharge directly via the BWT besthead filter head integrated into BWT bestaqua ROC systems