BWT Best Aqua 14 Membrane RS00Y61A00

Dhs. 1,228.50

Model BWT bestaqua 14ROC membrane Filter capacity up to 60,000 liters operation area Dishwashers, ice machines Specific properties produces osmosis water operating pressure approx. 7 bar Inlet pressure > 1 bar Water temperature 4 – 30°C Ambient temperature 4 – 40°C Installation position vertical Connection height max. 421mm Diameter max. 130mm Weight dry 1.9kg Weight wet 4.0kg Nominal flow rate 120 L/h


BWT bestaqua MEMBRANE is a milestone in the simple and safe use of reverse osmosis membranes. Installing and replacing a reverse osmosis membrane has never been so easy. Simply screw the filter candle out and back into the pre-installed BWT besthead filter head – done. The time-consuming process of loosening various hose connections is completely eliminated.

BWT bestaqua 14ROC membrane at a glance

  • Integral part of BWT bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis systems
  • Highly efficient reverse osmosis membrane in filter candle shape
  • Ideal for many applications in the catering industry
  • High permeate performance
  • High salt separation rate
  • Insensitive to particles and chlorine in raw water
  • Easiest installation
  • Filter replacement without the use of tools
  • Combined permeate and concentrate discharge directly via the BWT besthead filter head integrated into BWT bestaqua ROC systems