Water Filtration Cartridge BWT Besttaste 10 Cartridge Filter 125501409

Dhs. 199.50

BWT Besttaste 10 Cartridge Filter delivers the best water for vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers. Any existing particulates and off-flavour unpleasant tastes or odours are reliably eliminated.

This ensures that all dispensed cold and hot beverages are lent their optimum flavour. It likewise enhances the sensory quality of water from water dispensers.

BWT Besttaste 10 filter cartridges with integrated pre-filtration are ideally suited for pre-filtration upstream of BWT Bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis systems.

3-stage filtration

  1. Particle pre-filter | Traps coarse particles like sand and rust
  2. Main filtration stage with activated charcoal | Eliminates chlorine, organic substances and compounds that give rise to an extraneous odour or taste (‘off flavours’)
  3. Fine particle filter | Traps fine particles and suspended solids



Raw water has to be optimised for use in catering. BWT Besttaste 10 is a filter system that perfects the odour and flavour of drinking water for use in hotels, restaurants and catering. The filter system consists of a filter cartridge and a screwed-on BWT besthead filter head. The two backflow prevention devices stop water from flowing back into the drinking water pipeline or filter cartridge while also preventing any accidental leaks.