Johny Traditional Turkish / Greek Coffee Maker AK8-3N

Dhs. 2,180.64

Volts: 220-2400V/50-60Hz
Power: 1200W
Net Weight: 8,120 Kg
Gross Weight: 8,855 Kg
Dimensions: L:320 W:320 H:245 (mm)

SKU: N/A  Turkish Coffee Machines

Traditional coffee machine for brewing coffee in the sand (“hovoli”), for professional use. The “hovoli” machine adjusts a traditional technique to the needs of the modern professional and provides:
•   Exceptional coffee quality, due to stable operating temperature maintained by the hot sand
•   Rapid coffee preparation
•   Attractive appearance with impeccable design

The appliance has Johny Traditional Turkish / Greek Coffee Maker AK8-3N :
•   A heating element of 1500W cast in aluminum for constant temperature and adequate heat transfer for the coffee brewing
•   Adequate insulation inside, to prevent heat transfer on the surface of the appliance.
•   Thermostat 500 C – 3000 C for the regulation of the heating element’s temperature.
•   Safety switch 3700 C for the protection of the appliance.
•   Supplied with one small brass coffee pot and one bag of special sand.