Delonghi Thermoblock Connector 5332239200 Coupling Connection Fitting 5mm

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Brand:   Delonghi
Model No:   DL5332239200
Material:   Plastic
Item weight:   4.5 g
Suits:   Various Delonghi Models

SKU: DL5332239200  Commercial Coffee Machine Spare Parts

About this item:
The Delonghi Thermoblock Connector 5332239200 is not just a coupling connection fitting, it's an essential component designed to maintain the optimal performance of your Delonghi coffee machine. With a precise Ø5mm size, this connector ensures a secure and reliable connection within the Thermoblock system, facilitating efficient heat transfer and water flow. Made from high-quality materials, it offers durability and long-lasting use.
This fitting is easy to install and helps your coffee machine operate smoothly, ensuring consistent brewing results. In fact, it's so vital that without it, your coffee machine's efficiency could be compromised. Perfect for home and professional use, the Delonghi Thermoblock Connector is a must-have for maintaining your coffee machine's efficiency.
Compatible With Models: D3, D5, D9, EC820, ECAM13123, ECAM20110, ECAM20116, ECAM21110, ECAM21112, ECAM21116, ECAM21117, ECAM21118, ECAM21210, ECAM22105,
ECAM22110, ECAM22112, ECAM22113, ECAM22114, ECAM22115, ECAM22119, ECAM22127,
ECAM22140, ECAM22320, ECAM22323, ECAM22360, ECAM22366, ECAM23013, ECAM23120,
ECAM23123, ECAM23125, ECAM23210, ECAM23216, ECAM23217,
ECAM23240, ECAM23260, ECAM23266, ECAM23270, ECAM23420, ECAM23426, ECAM23427,
ECAM23440, ECAM23450, ECAM23460, ECAM23463, ECAM23464, ECAM23466, ECAM24210, ECAM24450, ECAM24467, ECAM25023