Delonghi Milk Carafe EN720 Nespresso Container Jug 5313229561

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Brand:   Delonghi
Model No:   DL5313229561
Material:   BPA-free plastic
Weight:   Approximately 0.5 kg
SKU: DL5313229561  Commercial Coffee Machine Spare Parts

About this item:
The Delonghi Milk Carafe EN720, model 5313229561, is an essential accessory for your Nespresso machine, designed to enhance your coffee experience. This high-quality container jug creates perfectly frothed milk for lattes, cappuccinos, and a wide range of other milk-based beverages. The milk carafe ensures long-lasting performance and easy maintenance, made from durable materials. Its ergonomic design allows easy handling and pouring, making your coffee preparation seamless and enjoyable. Ideal for both home and professional use, the Delonghi Milk Carafe EN720 is a must-have for any coffee enthusiast looking to explore the world of coffee brewing.