Delonghi Long Handle Steel Brush 5513233861 for Cleaning Bottle, Tube, Nozzle & Drinking Straw

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Brand:   Generic 
Model No:   DL5513233861
Material:   Stainless Steel
Shape:   Round
Features:   Reusable
Specific uses:   Bottle, Straw, Nozzle.
Dimensions:   25.4L x 0.5W x 5.1H

SKU: DL5513233861  Commercial Coffee Machine Spare Parts

About this item:
The Delonghi Long Handle Steel Brush 5513233861 is a versatile and durable cleaning tool designed to keep your coffee machine and accessories pristine. Perfect for cleaning nozzle bottles, tubes, nozzles, and drinking straws, this brush features a long handle for easy reach and precision cleaning. Its sturdy steel bristles, known for their exceptional effectiveness in residue and buildup removal, enhance the performance and longevity of your equipment. Ideal for both home and professional use, the Delonghi Long Handle Steel Brush is an essential addition to your cleaning arsenal.