Delonghi Hot Water Spout 5513220091

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Brand:   Delonghi
Model:   DL5513220091
Weight:   31.75 g
Dimensions:   ‎7.62 x 7.62 x 2.54 cm

SKU: DL5513220091  Commercial Coffee Machine Spare Parts

About this item:

Upgrade your coffee machine with the Delonghi Hot Water Spout 5513220091, a high-quality accessory designed to enhance your brewing experience. This hot water spout is specifically crafted for Delonghi models, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. With its robust construction and efficient design, it provides a reliable source of hot water for all your beverage needs, whether it's for brewing tea, making instant coffee, or preparing other hot drinks.
The Delonghi Hot Water Spout is lightweight, weighing only 31.75 grams, and features compact dimensions of 7.62 x 7.62 x 2.54 cm. This makes it an ideal addition to your coffee machine, allowing for easy installation and handling. 
The spout's precision engineering ensures that it seamlessly integrates with your Delonghi coffee machine, providing a steady and consistent flow of hot water.
Crafted from durable materials, this hot water spout is built to withstand regular use while maintaining excellent performance. Its sleek design not only adds functionality to your coffee machine but also complements its aesthetic. The Delonghi Hot Water Spout 5513220091 is a must-have accessory for coffee enthusiasts who value convenience and efficiency in their daily routine.
Installing the Delonghi Hot Water Spout is straightforward, making it a hassle-free upgrade for your coffee machine. Once installed, you can enjoy the convenience of having a reliable hot water source at your fingertips, perfect for quickly preparing your favorite hot beverages. This spout ensures that you always have hot water available without the need for separate appliances, saving you time and counter space.