BWT Besttaste 20 Filter Cartridges 125252022

Dhs. 320.00

This ensures that all dispensed cold and hot beverages are lent their optimum flavor. It likewise enhances the sensory quality of water from water dispensers. BWT Besttaste 20 Filter Cartridges with integrated pre-filtration is ideally suited for pre-filtration upstream of BWT bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis systems.

Technical advantages of BWT Besttaste at a glance:

  • Integrated particle pre-filtration
  • High-quality activated carbon
  • Activated charcoal fleece for consistently crystal-clear water
  • Reduces the heavy-metal content of water
  • Ease of handling when replacing the filter
  • Horizontal or vertical installation



BWT Besttaste 20 filter cartridges with integrated prefiltration provide top-quality water for vending and coffee machines and many other services in the hospitality industry. They are also excellent for prefiltration before the water is processed by BWT bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis systems. Solids and unwanted contaminants and odors are eliminated efficiently, guaranteeing perfect-tasting hot drinks and a high level of protection for all the equipment and appliances in soft water areas.