BWT Bestmax Premium S Water Treatment Cartridge Limescale & Gypsum Protection FS22P00A00

Dhs. 357.00
  • Unique filter system for PREMIUM water for coffee and vending machines
  • For reliable limescale protection and water with top sensory characteristics
  • Unique with patented BWT Magnesium Technology
  • Mineralisation for higher magnesium content ensures optimum extraction results for coffee
  • Simple installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology
  • Space-saving design that is very easy to handle


FS22P00A00 BWT is a filter for decarbonating water in professional coffee machines code GEVS0096763 GORENJE / 03AG950 ATEL. It is compatible with ATEL, and BWT brands. It has a nominal flow rate of 30L / h and a water temperature from +4 to +30 ° C.

Advantages of BWT bestmax PREMIUM:

  1. 5-​stage filtration
  2. Reliable protection against limescale for machines
  3. Ideal mineralization for higher magnesium content
  4. Activated charcoal fleece for consistently crystal-​clear water
  5. Filtration, also of bypass water
  6. Ease of handling when replacing the filter
  7. Horizontal or vertical installation