BWT Bestdemin PLUS XL Water Filter FS28D10A00

Dhs. 780.00
  • Special multi-stage filter for complete demineralization of water
  • Conforms to DIN EN 13060 and DIN EN 285
  • Demineralized water for the production of laboratories
  • For pressure steam autoclaves used for sterilization in the medical and dental industries
  • Easy to install using the universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology
  • Compact design and very easy to use



BWT bestdemin PLUS is a filter system for the production of demineralized water with simple means. This multi-stage filter is equipped with a multi-level ion exchange that removes all dissolved salts from the incoming raw water.

The resulting demineralized water meets the requirements of DIN EN 13060 and DIN EN 285 and is perfectly suited for use in the laboratory to properly prepare reagents or clean laboratory equipment, leaving the devices without any residue. BWT Bestdemin PLUS XL Water Filter supplies demineralized water for pressurized steam autoclaves for medical and dental sterilization purposes, as well as for professional steam ironing systems in laundries and dry cleaners.

Benefits of BWT Bestdemin PLUS

  • 4-stage filtering
  • Integrated particulate pre-filtration
  • Activated carbon wool for ion exchange protection
  • Multi-level ion exchange technology
  • The liquid (filtrate) complies with DIN EN 13060 and DIN EN 285
  • Very efficient and compact demineralization
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Can be installed both vertically and horizontally