BWT BestAqua 14 ROC Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Dhs. 8,730.00

The compact ROC system is typically supplied as a multi-stage treatment process:

  1. Pre-filtration with a fibron carbon filter to remove sediment and chlorine.
  2. Bestaqua 14/16 ROC Reverse Osmosis system to reduce all dissolved solids including salt and hardness ions.
  3. Storage tank.
  4.   Remineralisation to add minerals for full coffee flavor.



The BWT Bestaqua ROC systems have been specially developed for use in the gastronomy and hotel industry. With their unique reverse osmosis technology, they set a new standard in water optimization.

They are equipped with the highly efficient new BWT bestaqua MEMBRANE membrane module and produce pure water, such as that used in dishwashing technology, and for generating steam for combi steamers, steam cookers, or steam conduction during cooking.

  • Very efficient and powerful – tailor-made for the catering industry
  • Ideal for use with glasswashers and ovens/combi steamers
  • Efficient for the production of demineralized water in large quantities
  • Sustainable due to very low waste water production
  • Resource-saving plug-in technology – unpack, plug in, and get started
  • 4.2 l/min = 250 l/hour
  • RS81M01A00
  • RS00Y61A00 Including membrane