BWT Bestaqua 14 Premium Water Filter Cartridge Magnesium

Dhs. 925.00


  • Very easy to install and to replace filters
  • BWT magnesium technology
  • BWT ultrafiltration membrane (0.1µm)
  • 99.9999% (log 6) retention of bacteria
  • Filtration of all treated water
  • Ease of handling when replacing the filter
  • Integrated active carbon filtration



BWT bestaqua PREMIUM is a novel innovative filter system for optimizing water, ideal for coffee specialists. Integrated in the BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee reverse osmosis system, after reverse osmosis, this filter enriches the water specifically with magnesium ions which replace the calcium and gypsum forming calcium ions. The result is a uniform high water standard, ideal for all hot beverages, for the highest quality in cups and mugs. Downstream machines are protected optimally from deposits and corrosion.

The taste expert after reverse osmosis 

  • Special filter system for mineralization downstream of reverse osmosis (BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee)
  • Mineralisation for higher magnesium content ensures optimum extraction results for coffee
  • Consistently highly pure, bacteria-free water thanks to integrated BWT ultrafiltration membrane
  • Also ideal for high water consumption
  • Ensures reliable machine protection and water with top sensory characteristics